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May 25, 2021

Gibson Calls for Non-Partisan Elections


Ward Two City Council Candidate, Scott Gibson, submitted testimony to the Annapolis Charter Review Commission calling for the City to abandon its partisan election system in favor of non-partisan elections; Annapolis is one of three cities in Maryland that still uses a partisan election system. Charter Review Commissions in 2011, 2002, and 1996 have also recommended switching to non-partisan elections, but the City Council has failed to adopt the change.

According to Gibson, “Annapolis is best served when its elections include as many voices as possible. Sadly, its current partisan election system favors some and discounts the voices of others.”

Read more on Eye on Annapolis at: Ward 2 Candidate, Scott Gibson, Calls For Non-Partisan Elections | Eye On Annapolis : Eye On Annapolis

March 2, 2021

Gibson: SB 600 would bring state prosecutors into police abuse cases. Lawmakers should pass it.


Last June, I wrote an op-ed for The Capital that called on the Maryland General Assembly to “inject more independence in the oversight of alleged misconduct” by authorizing the Office of the State Prosecutor — as opposed to the local elected State’s Attorney — to decide whether to pursue criminal charges in police-involved deaths.

Last week, the Maryland state Senate took a major step toward implementing my recommendation by amending Senate Bill 600 to require local state’s attorneys to forward to the Office of the State Prosecutor “a copy of the investigatory file and any other relevant information” should they choose not to prosecute a law enforcement officer for certain violations of the Criminal Law Article. READ MORE .

April 13, 2021

Gibson Enters Race for Ward 2 Council Seat


Scott Gibson, past President of the Admiral Heights Improvement Association has officially entered the race for Ward Two's City Council Seat. Among Gibson's accomplishments are creating abilIT, a program that prepares young adults with disabilities for careers in tech and cybersecurity.

March 2, 2021

Annapolis DPW Presents Sidewalk Plan at AHIA Meeting


The Annapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) joined the Admiral Heights Improvement Association to lay out its plans for the much awaited Cedar Park Road Sidewalk.


Detailed slides from DPW's presentation are found on Walkable Ward Two's Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/WalkWardTwo/ .